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Award the Patterson Sports Complex Phase # 2 Lighting Project Construction to Musco Lighting and Authorize Staff to Execute the Contract and all other Documents.


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The City of Patterson Sports Park Complex is located at 16651 Ward Avenue and currently has two softball fields, which are heavily used especially in the evening hours. Recreation department schedules the games for little league baseball, county baseball, softball, Jr. Giants, and adult softball. Lighting for Field #1 was installed during phase-1 construction. Currently Field #2 is not being effectively utilized due to no lighting on the field for the evening hours.


As part of the Sport Park Complex phase two construction, LED lights will be installed on Field #2. This will double the recreational use capabilities in the evening hours and teams will have more frequent access to use both fields. The installation of new LED lights will allow more use of both fields during evening hours.




City staff determined that this project would be completed more efficiently with the use of a group purchasing agreement rather than the traditional design, bid, build process. Musco Sports Lighting, LLC will provide and install the complete lighting system for field #2.


Musco is an approved participant of Sourcewell (formally known as National Joint Powers Alliance).  Sourcewell is a public agency service cooperative that serves over 50,000 members. The Sourcewell is a Municipal Contracting agency established to allow participating municipal agencies to reduce the cost of procurement by leveraging the benefits of large contract purchasing. Sourcewell bundles a large number of similar municipal projects from member agencies in all 50 states together and then nationally solicits competitive bid contracts. Through these solicitations, Sourcewell provides the opportunity for members to purchase equipment through nationally leveraged, competitively bid contracts. Sourcewell contracts offer a multitude of products, equipment and services to government agencies and non-profit entities.


All Sourcewell bid contracts are competitively solicited nationally, reviewed and then awarded by the Sourcewell Board of Directors. Sourcewell contracts bring considerable value and efficiencies to member agencies through nationally leveraged contracted suppliers and access to the highest quality products and brand. Each solicitation and RFP contain language which includes all qualified customers in all fifty states. The City of Patterson is a member of Sourcewell, and therefore can utilize Musco Sports Lighting vendor to purchase and install lights at the sports park complex without formally going out with a traditional bidding process.




Musco Sports Lighting, LLC (Musco) submitted a proposal to supply materials, deliver, and install the LED lights for softball field # 2 in the amount of $249,625.55


Proposal amount                =  $249,625.55

Contingency 10%              =  $24,962.55


Project Total                     =  $274,588.10


The project will be funded through the following funds:


General Fund                            = $214,588.10

MLB BTF Grant               = $  60,000.00




Musco Sports Lightning Quote and scope of work.

Meeting History

Dec 18, 2018 7:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting
MOVER:Deborah M. Novelli, Mayor
SECONDER:Dennis McCord, Council Member
AYES:Dennis McCord, Joshua Naranjo, Dominic Farinha, Alfred Parham, Deborah M. Novelli